‚Space‘ is a category often used by anthropologists, sociologists and historians. Over the last couple of decades, many historical works describing some historical spaces have been published. Jewish scholars have devoted their attention to this category as well. It seems that in the Jewish context, this category might be very significant. The Jews lived in a place among the other nationalities, and they constructed social spaces in interaction with Christian neighbors, while also simultaneously creating a spiritual space. Although this category of ’space‘ has been used in historical research and in Jewish Studies, there is as yet no research which has adopted the category in the research of the history of Litvaks and Polish Jews in the late 18th and the 19th century.
The aim of the blog is to publish several smaller article on spatial dimensions researched in context of the project “Studies in 19th century Europe. Interactions between Transnational Interdependence and National Identity” (GHI Warsaw 2009-2016) and  in the frame of the research project “Jewish Areas of Commerce
in Transition 1772–1850” (GHI Warsaw 2017).


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